Branded Invoicing (Pro Plan)

Take Your Store to the Next Level with a Branded Invoice

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On the Pro plan, stores can benefit from our Branded Invoicing display.

This feature allows you to customize the content in your invoice that is sent out by suppliers when you make a sale. You can edit your Store Display Name, develop a Custom Note shared with the customer, and even add your logo to the invoice!

To access this feature upgrade to the Pro plan, select 'Settings' on the navigating sidebar and click on the 'Branded Invoicing' tab to begin creating your custom invoice:

Once completed, select Save Changes and preview your tailored Invoice by clicking the Preview Invoice tab at the top of the page. Below is an example of what a Branded Invoice could look like:

If vendors choose not to upgrade to the professional plan, they will not have access to this customizable feature. Instead, a standard invoice will be provided to customers upon shipment.

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