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For Suppliers: Enable Branded Invoicing For Your Profile
For Suppliers: Enable Branded Invoicing For Your Profile

Enable Branded Invoicing To Endorse Your Vendors

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Enable Branded Invoicing for your profile

  1. Go to the Settings page and click on Packaging & Branding

  2. Enable the 'Branded Invoicing' toggle

  3. Write an explanation of what exactly stores can expect to see in your shipments. This would include whether or not you are able to offer 'unbranded' shipments, or if your logo, contact information etc will be included anywhere in the package. Some stores will only use suppliers who offer unbranded shipments, but it's important to let stores know in advance what to expect.

What is required for Branded Invoicing?

Stores using DropCommerce look for suppliers who are able to offer what we call 'Branded Invoicing'.

When you receive an order, we will include a printable PDF. All you need to do is print this PDF invoice and include it in the shipment! We've already customized the information for the store based on their settings, so you just need to print and include this piece of paper. Easy, right?

Stores will be able to 'filter' suppliers by whether or not they offer Branded Invoicing and tend to prefer suppliers who do offer it.

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