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How Do I Charge For Shipping?

Each supplier sets its own unique shipping rates, which you will be required to pay at the time of the order in addition to the product price shown in DropCommerce.

As a store, it's your responsibility to ensure you are charging this shipping rate to your customers, otherwise, it will be eating into your profit.

For example, in the image below, the US Shipping is $3.00, and the Price is $50 USD.

Understanding Dropshipping Options

You have 2 options for charging your customers for shipping:

  1. Add the cost of the shipping into the product price that you charge. For example, if you were planning to sell this product for $60 in your store, add an extra $3 for shipping, and now you'll charge $63.00. This way you're covered no matter what happens.

  2. If you configure "flat shipping rates" in Shopify based on Country, you won't need to add the cost into your Product price. Keep in mind however Shopify doesn't let you set product-level shipping rates on their basic plan. If you have Shopify's basic plan, you could set an 'average' shipping rate for all your orders, which may result in some lost profit on some orders, depending on the supplier's shipping rate.

Make sure you understand these concepts to ensure you earn the amount you expect!

There are 2 options for Shipping Types:

  1. Charged Per Product

  2. Charged Once Per Order

You can view this detail when browsing a Product's page:

Dropshipping Shipping Type

If it says Per Product and you sell 3 of an item, you will pay this price 3 times.

If it says Per Order, you will only pay this shipping rate once regardless of how many items you order from that supplier.


If you are selling products from multiple suppliers in your store, there is a very real chance that you may have an order with products from multiple suppliers. Keep in mind that each supplier is a separate business and they must be paid their shipping costs. For this reason, we generally recommend adding shipping rates into your product price for your own protection.


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