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Common Questions About Prebuilt Stores

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What Comes With a Prebuilt Store?

In addition to a professional Shopify site full of great products, you also get 3 months free of any DropCommerce plan of your choice! That means you won't pay a subscription fee for 3 whole months!

Can I change the Pricing of products?

Absolutely! Once we give you the store, it's yours to do whatever you want with it. You can add / remove products, change the design, etc.

Can I Add Products from other Apps?

Yes, our pre-built stores are Shopify stores like any other so you can still use other apps and product sourcing options.

Is the price of the products in the pre-built store already set up to be profitable?

Yes, the retail price that is set on your pre-made store already includes the 30% or more profit margin plus we also added the shipping cost into the price. The prices set are profitable as soon as you take the store.

Will my store be like others who buy the same store?

Every store we sell looks different because each user who buys a store ends up making changes to design, logo, name, and more, so each store is unique :)

Can I add more products to a pre-made store after I purchase it?

Absolutely! You can add as many products from DropCommerce suppliers as your current DropCommerce plan permits. You get 3 months of any DropCommerce plan included in your pre-built store purchase.

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