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What to Know When Purchasing a Prebuilt Store

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Product Availability

All products featured in our pre-built stores are sourced from the DropCommerce platform. DropCommerce product suppliers manage their profiles, and they retain control over their product listings and availability. Occasionally, products may go out of stock, or suppliers might be removed from the DropCommerce system for various reasons.

When you purchase a pre-built store, we can assure you that the pre-loaded products are available at the time of store creation. Beyond that point, you have the flexibility to use DropCommerce to introduce new products and update your offerings as needed.


Regrettably, as our pre-built stores are individually tailored for you and created after payment is received, we are unable to provide refunds for pre-built stores. If you encounter any issues with your store, we are more than willing to assist to the best of our ability.

Marketing Your Store

Our pre-built store serves as an excellent launchpad for your e-commerce venture. It includes a fully constructed store pre-loaded with high-quality dropshipping products from US suppliers.

The responsibility for driving traffic and sales falls entirely on you as the store owner, and DropCommerce is not directly involved in this aspect of the process. However, we are more than willing to offer guidance and point you in the right direction regarding resources for effectively marketing your dropshipping store.

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