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Dealing with Returns in Dropshipping

Contact Us To Begin The Return Process!

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Do you have a customer that wants to return their order? Not a problem!

If you have a customer asking to return the order, contact [email protected]. Our support team can quickly put you in contact with the supplier to ensure a quick & easy return.

Once we have been notified of the return we will contact the supplier to ask if they have shipped the order.

If the order hasn't been shipped, we can confirm with the supplier not to ship and either begin with an exchange or begin the refund/cancellation process.

If the order has been shipped, we will need to make sure that the supplier accepts returns. When we know they accept returns, your customer can begin the return process by shipping the order back to the supplier. Suppliers have different return policies, but typically, they will begin the refund process once they have received the return.

At DropCommerce we always have your back. If a supplier backs out and claims they don't owe you a refund or stops communicating with you, we can refund the order for you, so there is absolutely no risk for selling products through DropCommerce!

If you have any questions please contact our support team [email protected].

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