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Requesting a Return, Exchange, or Refund - EMBEDDED
Requesting a Return, Exchange, or Refund - EMBEDDED

How To Deal With Returns

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If you have received a refund request from a customer for an item you sold through DropCommerce, first, you must ensure that the supplier offers a matching refund policy.

Return / Exchange / Refund Policies:

You can view a supplier's return policy by visiting their supplier profile in the app. You can find this by clicking on a supplier on the Suppliers page. Near the top, you will see a button like this with the Return Policy. Click this to view the whole policy.

If their policy does allow returns, etc, please contact our support team at [email protected] to initiate the return request process.

Once the supplier has confirmed that they will accept the return, we will notify you and let you know to tell your customer. Most likely, the customer will need to ship the product back to the supplier.

Please note that the return process will differ slightly depending on the specifics of the situation (damaged items vs the customer being dissatisfied with the product, etc).

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