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After Order Fulfillment - EMBEDDED
After Order Fulfillment - EMBEDDED
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Congratulations, you made your first sale! Unsure if the order went through or not? Wondering what to do next? These are all things we can help you with!

Based on your Subscription Plan, order fulfillment will look different. On the Basic or Growth Plan, you will need to manually review and fulfill orders following the process in Order Fulfillment. With the Professional Plan, you can set-up Automated Fulfillment so that orders are automatically paid for by your credit card on file.

To check if your order went through or not, go to your Orders page, and select the order you are concerned about. If the order has been received by the supplier, it will say "Paid" or "Processing" next to the order.

This is when the supplier will begin processing the order. Processing the order can typically take 2-3 days. When the order is shipped, it will say "Shipped" next to the order. If 3 days have passed and the order has not been shipped, contact our support team at [email protected]. We can get you in touch with the supplier!

If you have sold a custom product and would like to confirm that the supplier received the customization information, contact our support team [email protected] and we can send you the supplier's email to confirm.

After going through the Order Fulfillment process what can you do next?

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