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Inventory Levels & Change Notifications

Understanding Inventory Management with DropCommerce

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Suppliers will update the 'Available Quantity' of a product when their inventory level changes. If these products have been added to your import list or have been imported to Shopify you will receive a notification under the 'Changes' tab. On this page, you can see all inventory, pricing, and shipping changes to products you've added or imported.

You can filter through the information displayed to narrow down your results.

  • Timeline: (last 30 days, last 14 days, last 7 days, ..., last 24 hours)

  • Type: All Changes, Price Changes, Inventory Changes, Shipping Changes ---> Please Note: We do not auto adjust prices in your store to prevent conflicts with your customized prices.

If a product goes out of stock, our system will automatically set that product to 'Out of Stock' in your store.

​Premium Suppliers: A lot of our suppliers' items are hand-made; these suppliers agree to continually produce the items, even if they may not have a large stock at this time. We don't show live inventory levels for these suppliers because they are always making products.

​WARNING: DO NOT manually change the Inventory Policy setting in your Shopify account to 'track inventory' for products imported through DropCommerce.

If the product has live inventory tracking in DropCommerce, we will automatically turn on this setting for the product. Otherwise, it will be turned off, indicating the supplier is able to continually produce the product.

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