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Editing Imported Products

Change The Settings On Products You've Imported

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Editing your Product, Description, Variants, and Images will raise your store to another level. Here's an overview of the customizations you can make to the items in your store.

1. Product

The Product category provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Create an eye-catching product title (or use the one provided)

  • Filter the item into a product type. This helps if you are selling multiple products under a similar theme (ie. Men's Accessories)

  • Include the product in any number of Shopify collections you've created

  • Include tags to help customers find the product when navigating your store. For a detailed explanation about tags click here.

2. Description

Dropshipping Product Description

You’ll notice some products will already include a detailed description of the item. You are welcome to use these descriptions or generate your own. If choosing the latter option, we recommend still incorporating the most important details to ensure the product description matches what the product is.

3. Variants

Product Variants

Here you can customize the selling price (per variant) on your store. For a detailed explanation about editing, variants click here.

4. Images:

Dropshipping Product Images

It’s important to include images of the product that you're selling - otherwise, customers won't know what it looks like! You can use the pictures provided simply by ensuring the chosen image(s) are selected with a "checkmark" over top.

*IMPORTANT*: After a product is imported these categories can still be edited in your Shopify Store under the 'All Products' page of your Shopify account.

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