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Edit Various Settings For Each Product

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Basic Info: Add the title, SKU, and Description of the product here.

  • Product Description: Here you can add the description and information on the product. The more information the better, what it's made from, if it's handcrafted, any backstory on the product. It's up to you!

Pricing and Variants: Here you can manage your Shopify account sync, and the pricing/variants of the products.

  • Sync Shopify: Here you can sync your Shopify account to your DropCommerce account so that your inventory and pricing levels are synced.

  • Price: The amount you will be paid upon a store selling this product. The minimum discount between the Price and the Retail Price must be 30%, and it is recommended to do more than the minimum.

  • Variants: Here you can add different variants, such as different colors or sizes for the product, as well as add different pricing for the different variants. Just simply add the name of the variant (red, blue, small, large, etc.)

Shipping Rates: If you have a specific shipping rate for this specific product, then you can press this button to set that rate. This rate will be reflected in the product information and stores will adjust their prices accordingly. You can set different prices for Canada, USA, and International.

Images: Here you can add product images. Select "Upload Image" to add product images. You can add product images directly from your website!

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