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How to Import Products from DropCommerce into a Shopify Store

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Congratulations, You've Found a Product to Sell In Your Shopify Store!

Now that you've found a product you want to sell, you can add it to your import list by selecting 'Add to Import List' on the Product page.

You can then view the product (and any others you may have imported) by viewing the Imports page (on the navigation sidebar). From here you can either Import the product immediately to your Shopify store or Edit the details of the Product, Description, Variants, and/or Images to better fit the theme of your store (which we strongly recommend).

Viewing Imported Products

To view the products you've imported to Shopify, select the Import List tab on the DropCommerce navigating sidebar, followed by selecting the 'Imported To Shopify' tab at the top. Here, you can view all of the products that are currently listed on your Shopify store.

Removing Products From Your Store

Removing products from your store is easy. If you’ve decided that you no longer want to sell a product, simply click the ‘Delete From Store’ option (A window will pop-up to confirm):

Adding A Product Back to your Store

If you’re wanting to add the product back to your store you will need to re-import the product as if you were adding a new product into your store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to re-edit Product, Description, Variants & Images before importing back into to your Shopify store. Entries are not saved on file from previously removed Imports.

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