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Offer Your Customer More Choices with Variants

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What are Variants?

DropCommerce has several products that offer Variants variations of the same product but in different options, colors, or styles. Adding Variants to your store gives your customers choices, increasing the chance customers find the right product for them.

Selecting your Variants:

Select a product to add to your store by clicking the "Add to Import List". You’ll be able to find the product by navigating to the Imports page along the vertical sidebar.

Once on the Imports page:

Select Edit:

Then Variants:

Editing Variants

By default, all variations of the product will be selected for import. If you’re not wanting to import a particular variant to your store, simply select the 'checkmark' beside that variant to hide it (as shown above), and click again to re-select it. Don’t forget to click 'Save Changes' if you need to abruptly step-away from the computer and/or after your final edits have been made!

Editing Variants:

We've increased variant editing capabilities to give storefronts further control over the products they import. Let's talk about variant options:

Colour: By default, we'll auto-fill the color for you. If you aren't satisfied with the color name, feel free to change it to whatever you like!

Cost: How much the product costs to purchase from the supplier. Keep in mind:

  • This does not include the shipping cost

  • Currency (USD/CAN)

Shipping: The cost to ship the product to the end-customer. When you are choosing the Price you will want to make sure you compensate for this cost, as it will affect your bottom line if not done properly. If the supplier offers more than one country to ship from, you can toggle/compare the different prices using the drop menu.

Shipping Costs

Price: The amount you sell the product for. When calculating, make sure to set the price at least above the total for (Cost + Shipping) expenses.

If a product has multiple of variants, we've added a toggle menu for you to 'multiply' the Cost by a factor (x2,x3, etc.) to set the Price for all variants. As well, you can set the same price for all variants by selecting 'Set new value' and entering an amount.

Change All Prices

Profit: Our algorithm will calculate this for you based on the price you set. The color Green represents your profit per sale, where the color Yellow/Orange represents your loss per sale (let's avoid that, okay?).

Compare Price: This simply means the Price the product would normally sell for. For example, if the item originally sells for $40 and you're selling it for $24.99, you would set the Compare Price at $40. If you have several variants to edit, you can also use the drop menu in a similar function as if setting the price.

Compare Dropshipping Prices

Inventory: Inventory shows how many products are left in stock of each variant. If you want to import a product and notice a variant is temporarily out of stock, all that will happen is that variant would be listed as 'out of stock' in your store. When inventory is replenished, you will be alerted via the Changes tab, and stock will automatically be updated in your store.

Inventory of Variant


You’ll notice that some variants may be priced differently for several reasons (ie. materials used, size, labor, etc.) therefore it’s important to remember these differences in cost when choosing your selling price as it will affect your profit if not calculated accordingly.

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