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Suppliers: Adding / Editing / Removing Products

How To Manage Your Product Listings

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Supplier Log-in

Logging in to DropCommerce as a Supplier is done through the URL When you first log in you will arrive at the 'Products' page. Here you will find all of your products currently loaded into DropCommerce. Here you can edit your products, and add new ones.

To add new products, first, click on the 'New Product' button

This will open parge that will allow you to add information about your new product. When ready click 'Create Product'.

To edit a product, simply click on the product in the table you wish to edit. This will bring you to the product edit page. Learn everything about the Product Information options here. Make sure to press 'Save Changes' when you're done!

Deactivating / Removing a Product: If you would like to remove a product from DropCommerce, either permanently or temporarily, click on 'Deactivate Product'.

You will still see this product in your product list, however, it will be clearly marked as 'Inactive'.

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