How To Order Product Samples

A Guide to Ordering Product Samples Through DropCommerce.

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Ordering product samples on DropCommerce is easy! Set yourself up for success by following the steps below to order your first (of many) product samples:

1. Set your Sample Shipping Address

On the Settings page, select the 'Samples' button and enter the address where the samples will be shipped.

Click 'Edit Address'

Once you've added all the necessary information, don't forget to click 'Save Address' in the top right corner!

2. Add a Payment Method

In order to pay for the sample(s), you need to make sure you've added a credit card to your account. This can also be filled out & re-edited on the Settings page under 'Orders & Payment'.

After navigating to the 'Orders & Payment', click the 'Add Payment Card' button. Add your valid credit card information, and click 'Authorize'

3. Find a Product to Sample.

If you find a product you'd like to sample, select the 'Order Sample' button on the product's info page if the supplier offers to ship to your address listed in Step 1.

4. Choose any of the variants you'd like the order by clicking 'Add to Cart', If you're ready to check out, click 'View Cart'.

5. Place Order

After clicking 'View Cart' or the Samples button on the left navigation tab, you will be taken to the 'Sample Orders' page. From here, select all the samples you wish to order, and click 'Create Order'

Make sure your order is correct and that your shipping details are correct and up to date.

You will receive an email notification when the order is shipped!

6. View Completed & Historical Orders

You can view your past sample orders (and any other previous orders) by clicking the 'Paid' or 'Cancelled' tab on the Orders page.

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